Senin, 02 September 2013

I Will Turn Into a Cherry Tree

    Under the spring-coloured sky
    You've started walking on your own
    On the long road you've always imagined
    Just like the dreams you've dreamed once
    Locking into yourself as memories
    The days you've spent with your uniform
    You're born again
    I am watching over you from behind
    When you looked back anxiously
    And forced a smile
    The tear fallen on your cheek
    Is the full stop you need to become an adult
    I will turn into an eternal cherry tree
    Yes, I won't move from here
    Even if you get lost on your heart's path
    I will stand here so that you know where love is
    The future you talked about with your classmates
    In a sunny corner of the classroom
    Is ahead of the first step
    That you've just taken
    You must not only feel nostalgy
    For the season when you were in full bloom
    When you've got over the winter,
    That made you shiver in the wind, flowers will bloom again
    Sometimes, come back by yourself
    To this deserted schoolyard
    So I can meet you,
    Who were wonderful on the day of your graduation

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