Senin, 02 September 2013

The Sakura Petals

    Near the classroom window
    Is a carefree, sunny spot
    Very little time is left on the spring calendar
    During class, if I look around
    Though wearing the same school uniform,
    All of my classmates
    Look like adults
    With each person’s own future
    We start our trip
    On each of our backs
    Sprout wings
    Of our dreams
    Each time the cherry blossom petals bloom,
    Somewhere hope’s bell resounds
    With the freedom of tomorrow,
    We’re given courage
    Each time the cherry blossom petals bloom,
    Somewhere someone is praying
    The door to a new world
    We open with our own hands
    There were times when we fought,
    Called each other, and cried
    Why do those troubled days
    Feel so nostalgic?
    During the happy or sad times
    If we turned back in the distance,
    No matter when
    We were never alone
    In the middle of our graduation picture,
    I smile
    The passing season wants to send us off

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