Senin, 02 September 2013


    We grew up together
    like an older brother and younger sister,
    from our childhood on
    Arguing over who'd get the strawberries
    on the shortcake, we'd go to school together
    without speaking to each other
    The friends around us
    started to marry,
    and I thought that
    before long
    happiness would come my way
    I'd have been glad to be able
    to say I loved you, but I was stubborn
    the whole time, obstinately
    not even touching hands...
    You were my childhood friend,
    not the object of love, but
    little by little,
    something changed
    Even though my heart didn't beat fast,
    as if somehow suddenly relieved,
    I noticed my affection for you
    When I felt down,
    you didn't ask why,
    making me laugh with random stories
    All at once, you bought
    shortcake for me
    at the usual store downtown
    You gave all
    the strawberries
    just to me
    and in this way,
    happiness rends my heart
    I wanted to say I love you right now, but
    I kept my face turned away, surely
    You said something like
    "Did you say something?"...
    Will you make me say it again?
    Although I used all my courage...
    Nothing changes,
    and it's all right if it's inaudible
    I heard it
    The most important "I love you!"
    How many strawberries
    are on
    our cake?
    It seems that we live at the same time,
    sharing them as we count them
    If I were to give you mine
    when you're feeling down,
    we'd share tears as well
    I'd have been glad to be able
    to say I loved you
    I wonder what made me hesitate
    This love...

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