Kamis, 16 Januari 2014

I Will Offer You These Tears

    The wish you made one day
    Lies sleeping in the earth
    At the promised time
    A sprout of hope will push forth
    At the time we met
    Your dream was but a seed
    When enough time passes
    Perhaps it will bloom into a flower
    I will offer you these tears
    So you can shine even brighter
    I've always been watching over you
    From the silent sky
    And now I will become the rain
    Gazing up at the sun
    Is a small happiness
    Swelling into expectations
    That future is a bud
    At times when your heart dries up
    When you long for someone's love
    And the wind of sadness blows
    Until the day the flower withers
    I will offer you these tears
    Even if you don't notice me
    They will be a little warm
    And somehow nostalgic
    Yes, I will become the rain
    From the corners of my closed eyes
    Something hot flows down
    Climbing up to that sky
    And looking down, I transform it into love
    NO NAME 2nd Single - Kono namida wo kimi ni sasagu

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