Kamis, 16 Januari 2014

About Hope

    Even if we spread these hands
    It won't reach
    Our dreams
    Are far away
    Even the stars in the night sky,
    After billons of light years
    Beyond the darkness
    They're still shining
    Let me talk about hope
    Like a poet without a name
    If your tears going to overflow
    Instead of just comforting you
    Soon, dawn will come
    Let me talk about it.
    Even if you searching for love
    You won't find it immediately
    How about
    You start by loving yourself?
    In this vast world
    Guided by fate
    I saw
    A single light
    Let me talk about hope
    Like an aged sailor
    If you ever
    Hurt by something
    Instead of just treating it
    As for me,
    I will point the rising sun.
    Everyone, whoever it is
    By giving up, they will be at ease
    Dreams never turn their back on you
    If your ever
    Lost for an answer
    Without stopping,
    While you walk.
    Let me talk about hope
    Like a soldier without a name
    I will live on my dream
    NO NAME 1st Single - Kibou ni tsuite

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